The Beatles, known for there trendy pop music, take a step out their normal style and explore the new sound of a Psychedelic rock with their album Revolver. Throughout this article we will take a look at what influenced this new sound, some techniques went into the recording of this album, and how I feel about this album as a listener and as an engineer.

Before The Beatles released one of their most famous albums, Revolver which is widely viewed as one of the first, if not the very first, truly psychedelic rock album (Hlavaty, 2011), was already known world wide. They were widely known for their, “cute and cuddly image that had dominated earlier in its career” (Beaudoin, 2012), but during a break from their extensive touring the members of the band started using drugs such as marijuana and LSD (Ingles, 2006). The use of these drugs had a heavy influence on the making of Revolver. During their sessions in the studio a lot of new techniques were used to get the sound they were looking for. Techniques like artificial vocal doubling, reverse tape effect, and using a leslie speaker on vocals. These techniques were so new that they were being done on the fly and the technology of the studio had a hard time keeping up (Hlavaty, 2011). The artificial vocal doubling was done by copying a vocal track and delaying one of the tracks by a coupe milliseconds, Also sending a vocal track through a leslie speaker gave a strange effect that some say it made it sound like it was underwater (Ingles, 2006).

In my opinion, Revolver, is a fantastic album. A lot of people consider it to be one of the greatest albums of all time. Although no one can say for sure what album is the greatest, I will say that it is definitely up there. I was enticed from the beginning because it starts out with an extremely catchy sound, but throughout the rest of the album it has such a wide range of different sounding songs I needed to know what came next. Nowadays the recording techniques they used back then are much easier now and have somewhat become a standard sound in most songs. The fact that they were able to come up with accomplish those techniques back then is amazing by itself. I have heard the majority of The Beatles most popular songs and didn’t really consider myself to be a Beatles fan, but after hearing this album in its entirety from start to finish, I am now.


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