Electronic Music Innovation

As you may or may not know, today DJs are more mobile than ever due to constantly touring and always collaborating with other artists on new projects. They must be flexible with their time and smart about what kind of equipment they travel with when it comes to producing their next track. A lot of DJs have all they need with just a laptop but what if you needed to physically record something and wanted some thing even more portable and compact?

I recently came across this iOS software for an iPad, its called Auria Pro by Wave Machine Labs. Auria Pro is full Digital Audio Workstation on an iPad. It has all the same capabilities as your favorite DAW. Some features include recording, editing, mixing, comprehensive MIDI capabilities, sequencing, piano roll editor, real-time audio warping, powerful internal bus routing, audio quantizing, audio transient-to-MIDI conversion, groove templates, transient slicing, unlimited tracks, killer synths such as FabFilter’s One and Twin2, plus WaveMachine Labs’ own multi-format sampler, Lyra, and much more.

With your favorite microphone, an Auria compatible interface, and a lightning to USB adapter, it functions like a full studio. It also has the capabilities of using plugins as well. It comes with its own plugins and also the ability to purchase other plugin bundles from 3rd party vendors like FabFilter. Another pretty amazing feature about the Auria app is you are able to record from any other music app that you may have on your iPad. For example, if I wanted to record something in the Garageband app I can route the audio from Garageband to record simultaneously in Auria all within one iPad.

I find this idea really interesting because I would have never thought this kind of technology or capability would be possible on an iPad because of the processing power alone; however, with the power of the new iPad Pro this is an extremely powerful tool. For people that are new to DAWs this would be an easy way to learn how to work with audio and definitely a much more affordable approach. This is why I can see Auria being an option for DJs to work with. I encourage you to do more research on Auria Pro and all of the other capabilities it has to offer.


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