If you ask anybody who started the electronic music genre, you will probably get an answer that sounds something like this,”Kraftwerk”. According to Simon & Schuster, the German group literally invented the man-machine sound and image (2001). During any of their performances they would be dressed in slacks, a shirt, and a tie and have very little movement because they wanted to portray themselves and their sound as like a machine a robot. Although their music sounded like something that came from outer space, they always had a specific theme or concept to each of their albums.

Because of this Kraftwerk was the most influential electronic group that started in the early 70s because they were doing things no one had ever heard before. They were able to get this specific, “machine sound” because they had to create their own synthesizers and sequencing drum machines. Without them taking it upon themselves to build their own instruments, Kraftwerk might not be the influential electronic band as we know them today.

With the release of the album Autobahn they grew very quickly in popularity. Not only did they become an international sensation with Autobahn but their next two releases, Trans-Europe Express and Radio Activity helped as well. They were a big hit all the way up to the release of the album The Man-Machine. This album didn’t do as well as they previously had done. The songs they had come up with for this album were ahead of its time and people just didn’t respond to it the same as their previous albums. It wasn’t until years later when The Man-Machine album was given the credit it deserved (Video File, 2009).

I would consider myself an electronic music enthusiast and after hearing some of Kraftwerk’s work I do have to say its not something that I would listen to all the time, but their songs are very catchy and can got stuck in my very easily. What I find to be the most interesting about them is that they were able to create their own instruments and come up with a sound that no one else has achieved before. In that regard they are amazing to me.



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