Daft Punk

Known as the, “godfathers of dance music” of this new generation, Daft Punk has a very interesting story. The French duo may have started overseas, but they were definitely making a huge impact in the United States with their mix of electronic/disco/techno/pop sound. They have become a dance music icon and are easily recognizable to many by the robot helmets they wear.

With their earlier releases like Homework and Discovery album, they inspired many artists in the electronic music genre; artists like Air, Justice, Miss Kittin, and the more famous DJs Skrillex and Deadmau5. When Daft Punk headlined at Coachella in 2006, some believe that their performance was, “the Ground Zero of the recent EDM explosion” (McNulty, 2014). Naturally they became very popular and after a long hiatus of making new music, they scored the soundtrack for the Tron Legacy movie. A few short years later, in 2013 they released their much anticipated album, Random Access Memories. Although it was commercially a success and would go on to win multiple Grammys, to the hardcore Daft Punk fans its was a disappointment because it strayed from the sound they are known for.

When you listen to their music from when they started to now, you can see how they progressed. I love listening to their earlier albums because it holds a special place in my heart and brings me back to amazing memories. I am not a huge fan of their latest album and the direction they took it; however, from an engineering point of view it is done extremely well and in that regard it is appealing to me.

Something that I have learned from Daft Punk is that if your passionate about something take chances. They took their love of dance music and created something for others to love and listen to. Even though some of their songs may seem repetitive and simple, sometimes the most simple things in life are the most enjoyable.


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