Richie Hawtin

There are many inspirational people in the music industry these days, but many people overlook the electronic musicians/DJs. One person in particular that I would look to commend is Richie Hawtin. He is most widely known for being a techno DJ that performs under a few different aliases known as Fuse, Plastikman, and himself. He is much more than just a performing and touring DJ.

Richie Hawtin, in my opinion, is one of the new age techno pioneers. Growing up in Canada, right across the lake form Detroit, the Detroit techno scene was a huge inspiration for him. After the original techno pioneers left Detroit and moved elsewhere to pursue their careers, that left a void in the techno scene. Richie brought the scene back by doing what no one else was doing, by hosting legendary underground parties and playing a new, harder, and a more cutting edge form of techno.

As he grew in popularity he started his own record label call Plus 8, which has been been merged in to his new label called Minus. Minus started in 1998 and still exists today with some of the best known techno artists to date.

Some of his other interesting ventures include partnerships with very well known software and hardware companies for DJs. He has worked hand in hand with Allen & Heath to create more a intuitive mixer called PLAYdifferently Model 1. Native Instruments has collaborated with Richie to come up with interesting effects processing in their DJ software Traktor. He is a huge component of using Ableton Live for creating his songs as well as using it to play live. Richie is always trying to create and implement new music technologies into his workflow.

His passion for sharing his music and making the electronic music community bigger has lead him to create a way for fans or other inspiring musicians to track what he is playing in real time. He did this by creating a software that works as a conduit between Traktor and Twitter that broadcasts his setlist in realtime. During its beta testing it was called TwitterDJ but after it was perfected it is now known as RADR. His Minus record label and Native instruments worked closely together to optimize Traktor for this use.

Richie Hawtin has really immersed himself in creating an experience for his listeners. Enter is another one of Richie’s projects. Its a nightclub that is only open during the summer season in Ibiza. In Enter he created an environment for the patrons to interact with the music being played by playing with new technologies such as SubPac and a collaborative music control table called Orbit.


With all of his accomplishments thus far in the music industry there is still one thing that he loves the most, his love for music. This kind of passion and determination to create new and interesting things is something that anyone can look up to. I cant wait to see what he does next.

Introducing Orbit: Collaborative Music Control In Clubs


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